Zakat ul Fitr /Sadaqa tul Fitr/ Fitrana/ Amount of Zakat ul Fitar ?

Sadaqa tul Fitr /Zakat ul Fitr / Fitrana

What is Zakat ul Fitr?

Zakat ul Fitr (also known as Sadaqa tul Fitr and ‘Fitrana’ in Urdu language) is the charity which is given to needy and poor people by the end of Ramadan. Giving this Sadaqa tul Fitr is not only Sunnah but also Wajib on every Muslim male or female (adult as well as children) who do not fall in the 8 categories of receivers of Zakat(For more detail, read article on Zakat here).


Amount / Rate of Zakat ul Fitr:

Sadaqa tul Fitr is obligatory on the person who owns 613.35 grams of silver or anything (money/ jewellery/ grains etc.) equivalent to it. The head of the family should pay not only for himself but also on behalf of whole family even of small children. The agreed upon amount of Sadaqa tul Fitr per person is 1.75 Kg of wheat or its value in currency. 100 Rupees for Pakistan.
Abu Sa’eed al-Khudree said:On behalf of our young and old, free men and slaves, we used to take out during Allaah’s Messenger’s (upon whom be God’s peace and blessings) lifetime one Sa` ofgrain, cheese or raisins” (Sahih Muslim).

Who should pay Zakat ul Fitr?

It is not must for head/guardian of the family to pay Zakat ul Fitr of the whole family rather every individual should himself/herself make sure that his Zikat al fitr has been paid, either by himself or by the Guardian. If any adult does not pay his Zakat ul Fitr, guardian will not be accountable for it.

When should it be paid?

Sadaqa tul Fitr /Zakat ul Fitr / Fitrana

It is Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) tp pay Zakat ul Fitr before prayer of Eid al Fitr. Even one can give it before the Eid day but it is highly advised to do it before performing Eid prayer. If anyone gets late due to some reason, he can still pay it late to fulfil obligation.
Scholars of Islam have consensus on this that new child who got birth after start of Eid day and the person who died before dawn of Eid day will be absolved of obligation of Zakat ul Fitr.

Purpose of paying Zakat ul Fitr:

Sadaqa tul Fitr /Zakat ul Fitr / Fitrana

The main purpose behind the Zakat ul Fitr is the circulation of wealth in the society. It is to make day of Eid really a day of happiness for rich and poor alike i.e. rich gets satisfaction by donating stuff or money and poor get financial support. Zakat ul Fitr is really important for building brotherhood bond between rich and poor of the society.
In every country, ministries of religious education and Masaajids announce amount of Zakat ul Fitr according to their currency and measures.
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