Few Questions and Answers by Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

Few Questions and Answers by Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

On the authority of Khalid bin Waleed (May Allah be pleased with him), who relates that a man came one day to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and said to him, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah!  I’ve come to ask you a few questions about the affairs of this Life and the Hereafter.’ So the […]

character of prophet muhammad

15 Things About The Character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

If there is any personality that has lived on the face of this earth who was complete in every regard and the life of whom can serve as a beacon of guidance for people of every walk of life, that personality would undeniably be the personality of Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims follow Him because of Him […]


Life Changing Ahadith of Holy Prophet S.A.W

For Muslims there is no source of guidance more Supreme and more Authentic than the Holy Quran. By learning the Holy Quran a Muslim can find the instructions that Allah Almighty has sent for the guidance of mankind. However, when Muslims are either not able to find some solution in Quran or they are not […]

Reading Quran

Seven Reasons Of Reading Quran

1. Inimitable It challenges you to refute it. How? It says that people can’t compose a book like this regardless of the possibility that they pooled all their assets together and got help likewise from the spirits. The Qur’an said this fourteen hundred years prior but nobody has possessed the capacity to invalidate it. Billions […]