Sleep!! Some rewards await you.

All living creatures REQUIRE sleep. Allah has created the sleep cycle to provide comfort . Nobody can remain awake for too long a time. If one does remain awake for longer periods of  time like 24 hours or more, they tend to become lazy , dull , edgy and easily annoyed in short term and may develop some health issues like dark circles , low immunity , headaches or body aches if the same routine prevails for long. So a peaceful and proper sleep and rest is very important for health.


Importance of Sleep

If I person does not take adequate sleep on regular basis, it may result in metabolism problems, effects on mental concentration and health, blood pressure and quality of life.

Allah says:

And among his signs is your sleep by night and by day and your seeking of His bounty, verily in that are Signs for those who hearken” [Al-Quran 30:23]

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to one of his companions who use to pray all night that your body has right over you so sleep at night.

Adequate sleep is required for body; even too much is injurious to health. It can also make a person dull and lazy. we must always stay moderate in our ways.


Sleep and get Rewards

Do you know how your sleep can count as an act of worship and bring you abundant rewards?

Make your intention to sleep for the sake of Allah. And while sleeping follow the sleeping traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Prepares before you sleep

Before you go to bed, lock all the doors and cover all the utensils as instructed by Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Clean your bed sheet. So as to avoid any dirt, dust or tiny insects.

Do miswaak and perform abulation. Offer your prayer.


Recite Surah Wa’qia and Surah Mulk before sleeping. Surah Mulk saves from the punishment of grave and Surah Wa’qia saves from hunger and poverty.

When you go to bed

When our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to go to bed, he would hold his palms combined and recite the last 3 surah’s of Quran and then blow to his palms and wipe over his entire body.

It is also in traditions to recite last 2 versus of surah Baqrah and ayat ul kursi before sleeping.

And when sleeping both the hands are to kept under head and sleep on the right. 


So follow the traditions of Holy Prophet PBUH and live a healthy life and get rewards by making the right intention before any deed either small or big as these rewards can help you attain Jannah InshAllah.


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