Haji Muhammad Shafi Shaheen


Haji Muhammad Shafi Shaheen is a religious scholar and social worker.A quest to consume all his energies for the spreading message of Allah Almighty has made him devoted all his life for the noble cause of teaching Deen. The shrinking concepts of time & space and the fast pace life of 21st century has made him launch an online institute in the form of Online Quran Coaching Academy which imparts knowledge of religion all across the globe.Together with being thefounder of Online Quran Academy, he is also a delivers sermon in a mosque. Being a retired army officer, he has so masterfully applied the discipline and coherence like that of armed forces in his institution. Besides this, he is also the founder of Shaheen Public Model School in Pakistan.

Hafiz Tayub Shaheen


Hafiz Tayub Shaheen is a renowned name in the field of learning and teaching Deen. He is being associated with Quran learning and Quran teaching since more than 5 years. He has imparted the art of reading Quran with Tajweed to numerous students. The desire to hoard unlimited blessings of Allah is driving him to work for serving the society by spreading the message of Islam.He commenced his career as Quran tutor five years ago and since then, the number of his students is increasing day by day by the grace of Allah Almighty. His personality is a perfect blend of religion and technology as besides this, he has also worked as computer trainer in Borjan. He is also IT manager of Faith Education Foundation.May Allah Almighty give him the reward of his efforts for illuminating the hearts of Ummah.