Laylatul-Qadr| The Blessing night


Laylatul-Qadr or the Night of Power is the one night alone which superior to the level that doing worship in this single night is equivalent to doing worship 83 years and four months. If we calculate, Ebadah in laylatul-Qadr can be equivalent to 147,654 FARD salat, 2,450 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan, 166 days of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, 4,333 Jum’a prayers and 83 years’ worth of Zaka’at. This is what a practicing Muslim can earn at minimum in Laylatul-Qadr. Isn’t it amazing?


The Descendance of the Angels in Laylatul-Qadr

In this night of Laylatul-Qadr, angels of Allah descend down the sky and they are great in numbers so much so that they fill whole sky.There is constant flow of angels from the sky who come and leave. They deliver Salam on those Muslims who are busy in worshipping Allah (s.w.t). Angels seek out for the true worshippers of Allah (s.w.t).

HazratJibril (a.s), the angel who carried the Qur’an in the form of Wahi from Allah (s.w.t) to prophet (s.a.w), also descends on this night. Imagine the greatness of this night.

Laylatul-Qadr is not any fixed night in the month of Ramadan rather we get to learn from Sunnah of Prophet (s.a.w) that we need to find it in the odd nights of last ten days of Ramadan. There are many signs of LaylatulQadr, for example, sun will be bright and clear on the morning after that night of power. It means that rays of sunlight will be blocked because of the wings of angels.

We, as Muslims, are ordered to make search for Laylatul-Qadr. Some of the recommendations for this night are as follows:


RasulUllah (s.a.w) used to observe Itikaf in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan [Narrated byBukhari]. Read more about Itikafhere.

Salah and Taraweeh/Qayam al Layl

It is the night of blessing, so improve quality of your fardEbadah/acts of worship to your best level. Join Taraweeh prayer at Masjid to reap more reward. When you come back home, offer Tahajjud before doing Sehri. Read more about Ramadan


Best people on this earth are those who learn and teach Qur’an. So, it is one of the best acts of worship. Plan some special activity for your own self to understand or read Quran in Laylatul-Qadr.Read more about learning Quran

Duas and Zikr

Be proactive and make your own dua list before laylatul-Qadr approaches. Do all the duas from all your heart in the night of Qadr with the surety in heart that your duas will be accepted, Allah Willing.
Moreover, collect some awesome duas books from a nearby or any online Islamic book store and make duas by reading from there. You should know that we get many Quranic and Masnoonduas in these authentic duas books which are best in meaning. What better duas we can find than these from Qur’an and Sunnah?

The best dua of Lailatul Qadar:


Earning Rewards (sawab) from Allah

Here are few tips to earning rewards from Allah. Read more here


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