Historical Importance of Zulhijjah

Though all the months of Islamic calendar are very important but the month of Zulhijjah has got its special place due to many reasons. Let’s first talk about the literal meaning of this name. The month has its Zulhijjah because of “Hajj” (Pilgrimage) as Hajj is performed during this month.  Along with this, due to its importance, it is the last sacred month in which every kind of fighting was forbidden.


Benedictions of Zulhijjah

Islam has got five pillars and the importance of this month is that the fifth pillar of Islam “Hajj” is done during this sacred month. Though the whole month is a source of blessings for all of us but the first ten days of Zul-Hijjah are the most blessed days are said to be the most virtuous days in this entire month, Hajj is done in the midst of these ten days.

Hadhrat Abu Haraira (R.A) narrates a hadith from the Holy Prophetsaw   : “Amongst all days there are none better to engage in sole worship of Allah than in the ten days of Zul-Hijjah,  To observe a fast on any of these days is equivalent to fasting throughout the year, to actively engage in prayer and worship throughout any of these nights holds such rewarding values leveling with “night of power” (Laylatul-Qadr) “Tirmizi”

Quran has also highlighted the importance of Zulhijjah at many places, it states at one place that “By the dawn; by the ten nights (i.e.the first ten days of the month of Zul-Hijjah), and by the even and the odd (of all the creations of Allah) and by night when it departs.  There is indeed in them (the above oaths) sufficient proofs for men of understanding.  (And that they should avoid all kinds of sins and disbelief)”

Fast of Arafaat

HadhratAbiQataadah (R.A) has reported a hadith of Holy Prophet saw regarding the importance of the fast observed on the day of Arafaat: “I have full confidence in Allah for the one who observes a fast on the day of Arafaat that his previous year’s sins and the proceeding year’s sins are forgiven.”(Muslim)

Important Historical Events of this Month :

  • The foremost importance of this month is that the Prophetsaw  did his farewell Hajj and presented the momentous address recognized as the “Farewell Sermon”
  • Egypt was dominated by the military sent by Hadhart Umar (R.A.)
  • Uthmaan (R.A.) was selected the third Caliph
  • “Bay’ate-Aqabah”took place in the same month.
  •  Hadhrat Fatimah (R.A.) was wedded in this blessed month to the fourth Caliph Hadhrat Ali (R.A.)

Deaths took place in Zulhijjah:

  •   Hadhrat Umar (R.A.) encountered martyrdom- 27th of the month ofZul-Hijjah back in the year 26 A.H.
  •   Another important Islamic personality HadhratUthmaan (R.A) was martyred- on18th ofZul-Hijjah back in the year 35 A.H.

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