End of Ramadan! What to do?


What to do in last three days of Ramadan?

Ramdan is the month of Holy Qur’an – the month in which Qur’an started revealing on this earth. In Ramadan, reward of every good deed gets manifold. Doors of Jannah are opened and doors of hell are closed. Read more about Ramadan here. Those who get the chance to worship in this holy month are truly blessed ones. In Ramadan, we all do extra charity following the Sunnah of RasulUllah (s.a.w), offer namaz at masjid on time, read and understand Qur’an, try to find laylatul Qadr in the last ten days of Ramadan. But there is a natural regret in our hearts when we feel that Ramadan is going so, we should do something to make-up for the weaknesses left in our Ebadahs during the whole month.

YES! We want to share some Iman booster plans which can help you to take most benefit from last three days of holy month of Ramadan.

Observe Etakaf

Etakaf is not only for ten days rather it can be observed in odd number like 1 or 3 days etc. If you can sit Etakaf at Masjid for even a day or three, do avail this opportunity. This way you will be able to do more focused acts of worship and duas.

Qiyam al Layl at Masjid or home

end of ramadan

These blessed nights of Ramadan are going to come after one whole year so why to miss them? Get up at night and do Qiyam, read Quran and make all duas which are there in your heart from years. Men should prefer to go to Masjid and if women can’t go to Masjid they should do it at home. BUT! Remember these days of Ramadan are very very special.

Make resolutions Diary

Observe your life routine based on self-control which you spent in this month of Ramadan and write it down in the form of alist. Writing down all the positive things like you never ate or drank anything in fasting even though you desired it; recalling the times when you did not fight and control your anger etc., will make you feel good about yourself. Based on this list, make resolution with yourself that you will continue doing these practices of self-control throughout the year. On the other hand, the negative habits which you could not stop during Ramadan, take their responsibility and stop blaming Shaytan about them. You must have realized that this is not Shaytan always who should be blamed for all the sins we commit. Make dua for your weaknesses and consult scholars of Islam for finding cures to your problems.

Utilize Time Chunks

Imagine a clock in front of your eyes which is telling you that only 72 hours are left and then blessed Ramadan will be over. Hear the TICK TICK TICK of clock in your ears and pace up to earn more reward. The time which you used to waste in chunks can be used for more Dhikr and extra Nawafil. See, Ramadan will come after one whole year and we never know that we will be alive or not as we know many Muslim brothers and sisters who were in this world last year but they could not live up to this Ramadan.

Talk less and Do More!

As we are left with critically less hours (3 days = 72 hours) and we have to do many more acts of worship that we always wished to do in Ramadan. So, now focus will be on actions and ACTIONS only. Be a stranger from this world and its affairs for next 72 hours.

Make more humble duas for yourself, family and the whole Muslim Ummah.

Do not forget to beg Allah’s mercy for Muslims brothers and sisters in Gaza. May Allah (s.w.t) elevate ranks of Muslim Ummah in both worlds and deteriorate disbelievers.

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