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What is Quran Coaching??

Quran coaching is an online Quran Teaching Academy which aims to enlighten the hearts and lives of Muslims all across the globe by teaching them Deen and its various aspects. Quran Coaching stands for qualified professionals and experienced teachers who are helping to all those individuals who are eager to embrace themselves with the light of Quran irrespective of their gender, geographical location, age and time zone. We offer courses of Quran Memorization, Nazra Quran (Fluent Quran Reading), Basic Tajweed, Advance Tajweed, Tafseerul Quran, Arabic Grammar and Daily Islamic Supplications. All the courses are offered in English, Urdu and Arabic Languages.

How it Works Quran Coaching online ??

Online Quran Coaching Academy works 24/7 with backup support and internet connectivity thus enabling the students to interact with their course instructors in real time. All what needed is a smartphone/PC/laptop, installation of software, a head phone. The instructor gets connected with course instructor and then thecomputer screen of the instructor is being shared with student. The expert guides the students and delivers the lesson by keeping it interactive and as a result, student sees the soft copy of lesson on his computer screen. The explanation and elaboration of various topics is provided by using various tools and henceforth, it ensures the effective learning process.

How can I register and start classes?

Anybody who is interested in in any of the course Online Quran Coaching Academy is offering, can register in it by filling out the registration form available on our web portal. You will be shortly contacted by Customer Support Officer for selecting the class timings and other details. Our technical support team will assist you in installing software which will enable you to commence your course. Register here

Can I get the recording of lessons??

All the lessons being delivered during the course are recorded and on demand recordings of these courses are available after the completion of course for revision purposes.

Are Quran Coaching Instructors are Qualified and Experienced?

Yes, Quran Coaching instructors are highly qualified, experienced and trained particularly in the field of teaching Quran-Online. These tutors are appointed by our HR department comprising of professionals and experts in the relevant field. Tutors have to successfully pass many tests, interviews and demo classes before their appointment. There are frequent training and refresher classes for all tutors to ensure quality. These training sessions are compulsory for all tutors.

Do you have any Quality Assurance Mechanism?

Yes, we possess a Quality Assurance Mechanism meeting the international standards. All of our telephone calls are being recorded for the purpose of quality assurance. Parents/Guardians of the student are allotted particular log in ids for keeping the track record of their child’s performance. We arrange periodical tests for ensuring effective learning of students. Moreover, here at Quran Coaching, instructors also under go various kind of refresher courses to keep themselves updated.

Which computer, software and internet connection is required?

Anybody who has got Smartphone/Computer/Laptop can enroll into any of the courses we are offering. For a PC, it must be P4 or above. All you need is a DSL broad band internet connection and a head phone. We use skype for screen sharing and voice conversation, for which our support department will assist you in getting it installed.

Do you only teach Quran?

No, we also teach the basics of Islam like Quran Memorization, Basic Tajweed, AdvanceTajweed, Tafseerul Quran, Arabic Grammar and Daily Islamic Supplications. All the courses are offered in English and Urdu languages.

How can I pay the fee?

Fee is to be paid by 5th of each month. You can pay the fee of your course by Western Union, Pay Order and by Checks. Our finance department will assist you in carrying out the payment process smoothly. Check  Payment method

Can I get some Discount?

Yes, sure, you can have a group discount if two or more members of your family get registered with Quran Coaching in any of its courses. We also offer special packages for teaching more than one family member from a same family.

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