eid al fitar

Eid al Fitr / Sunnahs of Eid

Islamic Shariah caters all needs of human beings. There are times for serious worship like in Ramadan or Hajj and occasions of happiness like Eid. Eid al Fitr is the first Eid of the year which is celebrated on 1st Shawwal when Muslims complete one month fasting of Ramadan. It is the day of celebration […]


End of Ramadan! What to do?

What to do in last three days of Ramadan? Ramdan is the month of Holy Qur’an – the month in which Qur’an started revealing on this earth. In Ramadan, reward of every good deed gets manifold. Doors of Jannah are opened and doors of hell are closed. Read more about Ramadan here. Those who get […]


Last Ten Days of Ramadan | Most Important

  Ramadan is the most Holiest of Months in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is during this month that the Satan is chained and Allah Almighty showers His blessings and mercy upon all those who seek it by worshiping and praising Him in the days of Ramadan. Although every moment of Ramadan is special and […]


Laylatul-Qadr| The Blessing night

Laylatul-Qadr or the Night of Power is the one night alone which superior to the level that doing worship in this single night is equivalent to doing worship 83 years and four months. If we calculate, Ebadah in laylatul-Qadr can be equivalent to 147,654 FARD salat, 2,450 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan, […]