Surah Luqman

Lessons From Surah Luqman

Besides the Prophets, in Quran, Allah Almighty also reckons the existence and presence of wise people in Quran who although were not Prophets, but Allah Almighty blessed them with wisdom and respect. One of such people mentioned in Quran is Hakim Luqman. Hakim Luqman is renowned as one of the most wise men among Muslims. […]

Good Character / Husn e Akhlaq

Good Character / Husn e Akhlaq

Islam gives great stress on having good character. It is one of the main elements which can not be ignored along with other acts of worship. The proper Islamic manners and etiquettes are highly important and they include many things. Some basics are: greeting others with respect, truthfulness, justice, gentleness, gratefulness towards Allah and people, […]

islamic finance

Islamic Finance System/Islamic banking

Islamic finance system has its basis in great Islamic values. It is Riba-free system (Riba means Interest) which ensures the abolition of profit-sharing from the whole financial system. Islamic Finance System (IFS) can be pigeonholed with absence of: –          Interest based transactions –          Interest based financial institution –          Unethical and doubtful transactions –          Companies’ stocks […]

fasting six days of Shawwaal

Virtue of fasting six days of Shawwaal

Eid Mubarak To all Muslim Brother & sisters. Shawwal is the Islamic month which comes next to Ramadan in sequence. With Zakat and Fitra, it’s another golden chance for Muslims to seek pleasure of Allah. We get to know from authentic Ahadith of RasuUllah (s.a.w) that he used to fast for the six days in […]