how to live a blessed and happy life

How to live a Blessed and Happy life

Out of the several things that are relative in this world and that very vary from person to person, Happiness is one of the most crucial and commonly pursued one. Every one of us has his or her idea of happiness and we try to achieve and incorporate that notion of happiness in our life […]


Life Changing Ahadith of Holy Prophet S.A.W

For Muslims there is no source of guidance more Supreme and more Authentic than the Holy Quran. By learning the Holy Quran a Muslim can find the instructions that Allah Almighty has sent for the guidance of mankind. However, when Muslims are either not able to find some solution in Quran or they are not […]

relationship with the Quran

Tips for improving your relationship with the Quran

Are you one of those people who rarely touch the Quran? Or do you read daily, but don’t find it is having the impact on you that it should? Whatever the case may be, these are some simple tips that can help you connect with the Quran. Before you touch it, check your heart. The […]

Reading Quran

Seven Reasons Of Reading Quran

1. Inimitable It challenges you to refute it. How? It says that people can’t compose a book like this regardless of the possibility that they pooled all their assets together and got help likewise from the spirits. The Qur’an said this fourteen hundred years prior but nobody has possessed the capacity to invalidate it. Billions […]