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Itikaf in Ramadan-ul-Mubarak: Stay in Masjid

Itikaf can be defined as Ebadah in which Muslims stay in Masjid for the purpose of worshipping God. In Itikaf a person cuts off himself/herself from the worldly distractions and spend time in the obedience of Allah (s.w.t). Muslims has to sit for Itikaf only to seek pleasure of Allah in a focused environment and […]

Fourty ahdith

Forty Ahadith

The Prophet Peace be Upon Him said, Whoever memorized Forty Ahadis about the Deen to relate to my Ummah, Allah (on the Day of Judgement) will raise him as a Faiqh and I will intercede for him on the Day of Jundgement and will be a witness on his behalf. (Mishkat) 1) Before speaking the […]


Zakat in Islam & How to Calculate Zakat?

Zakat is an Ibadah which is financial in nature. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. The essence of Zakat is to purify your wealth by giving a fixed amount to the poor yearly. Zakat is not a governmental thing and it was made at Makkah with the Salah. Allah says in the […]

love story

Islamic Love story

This is the love story between Zainab bint Muhammad and Abu al-‘As ibn Rabi’. Zainab (radiAllaahu anha) was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Abu al-‘As ibn Rabi’ (radiAllaahu anhu) was loved by the Prophet ﷺ very much. One day he went to the Prophet ﷺ before he had received his mission of Prophethood […]