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QuranCoaching is a name of an online Quran teaching Institute which is striving hard since last many years to make the learning of the Qur’an easy.
The ultimate goal of the QuranCoaching is to impart religious knowledge by following the guidelines laid by teachings of Allah Almighty, Hadith and Sunnah. Our modest philosophy is to conquer the unlimited blessings and the pleasure of Allah the Almighty by making a humble effort to delivering His message to the mankind in the best possible way. Our experts are working day and night with a vision to deliver the knowledge of Islamic teachings by retaining their true essence.
We are proud to declare that we are a non-sectarian academy without having roots in any particular religious sect. Our teachers pay attention to individuals by keeping a complete track record of their performance and take this Quran teaching as a divine responsibility.
Apart from the respective course in which any student has been enrolled, our staff also pays attention to the grooming and inculcating of moral values in the students. Our experts are available round the clock to address the queries being asked.
We have been providing quality religious education with special focus to Tajweed, Nazra with Tajweed and Hifz with Tajweed since 7 years. You are welcome to join the circle of beloved and blessed people of Allah by learning any aspect of deen from us.
We are striving to be best among the eyes of Allah and want you also to become too as the hadith says

“The best amongst you are those who learn and teach Qur’an”
– Sahi Bukhari

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Benefits of Quran Coaching:

At QuranCoaching  we are providing our services to every individual anywhere in the world who has quest to learn Quran and Islam. All what needed is an access to an internet connection, a head phone and a smartphone/PC/laptop and your journey for the knowledge will get started.

We believe in going an extra mile as we also teach our students the manners and Islamic supplications as well during the courses. Quran Coaching  is an established name in the field of spreading the knowledge and we really want you to be our companion in this divine cause. QuranCoaching Academy by following the concept of distant learning provides the following services to all across the globe including

Despite providing valuable services at just a single click away, we charge minimal Hadiya of as low as 30$ a month from our students.

It’s indeed a life time investment as in turn you will get enrolled in a course with

  • No registration/Admission Fee.
  • Scheduling of class timings as per your convenience
  • Freedom to choose your desired course type
  • 3 days free trial before the commencement of regular paid sessions
  • Free Quran Teaching in deserving cases.
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For your convenience

  • We offer classes 24 hours a day a seven days a week
  • Easy accessibility round the clock
  • On demand timings of classes are available
  • Teacher-student interaction is being developed on one-to-one basis in live online Quran classes
  • You can read for free latest articles on various perspectives of the religion on our web portal. Visit Our Blog
  • A wide range of books, DVDs, Qiraat in voice of famous Qaris and a lot more is available for free downloading.

free quran download

  • We also provide recordings of sessions being attended to child for free which ease their process of revision.
  • Our top quality latest software makes our lessons very interactive and effective
  • Parents can keep the track record of the performance of their child through assigned log in ids and can have interaction with the instructor of their child about his or her performance.
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Our Mission

Quran Coaching Academy has devoted all its efforts to the divine act of Quran Teaching and Quran Learning.We are working 24/7 to spread the message of Allah and the Sunnah of Prophet to Muslims all across the globe. We are working with a vision to gather the countless blessings and pleasure of Allah Almighty by conveying His message to the mankind. Our mission is to deliver the knowledge of Islamic teachings in their true essence to all those individuals who have quest for learning Deen.

online quran

Above all, the goal of Online Quran Coaching Academy is to demonstrate the reading and learning of Holy Quran with the practical rules of the science of Tajweed. Together with this, our experienced teachers also complete enlightenment to the students on learning various aspects of religion, Islamic supplications, learning Arabic as a language and so on. Our mission is to provide quality education to everybody by easing out the accessibility on the concept of ‘distant learning’ on minimal fee packages. Online Quran Coaching academy is working with a mission provide teachings services which just a few clicks away as we aim to educate every Muslim with the light of Quran, regardless of their age, gender and geographical location.

We want our students to become exemplary Muslims in future and this noble thought is the core driving force behind our cause of this  Quran Coaching Academy.

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